Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lisa LoCicero Comes to Center City

Lisa LoCicero comes to CENTER CITY
The formidable actress is set to interpret a major role!

[Philadelphia, PA, June 18, 2018] We are thrilled to announce that Lisa LoCicero has agreed to join this exciting TV project set in Philadelphia. Lisa is no stranger to this exciting new pilot,  helping us a few years back at West Hollywood's Celebration Theater for a staged reading. Lisa led the other actors in bringing all our wonderful characters to life. If there is anyone who can carry off the ominous character of Olivia Falconeri on General Hospital it is this formidable actress. The natural beauty has been on screens big and small for more than a few years. She has been on three ABC Daytime Serials. Seems the Alphabet Network is taking advantage of a good thing.

Beautiful, sexy, but tough, Lisa LoCicero started on Loving in its final season, and then stayed with the character when the show was spun off as The City. When The City ended in 1997, she moved into film (The Family Man, Rush Hour 2) and television roles. From 2004-2007, she played the role of Maria Storm in the series Reno 911! In 2004, she also appeared on One Life to Live as Sonia Toledo Santi. In the fall of 2008, LoCicero again entered daytime as Olivia Falconeri on General Hospital. She has proven to be immensely popular with the fans.

We are thrilled to have the formidable Lisa LoCicero as part of the CENTER CITY team.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vincent Spano Comes to Center City

Vincent Spano comes to CENTER CITY

The talented actor is on board to direct a pilot set in Philadelphia

[Philadelphia, PA, June 6, 2018]  Vincent Spano has agreed to take the helm of this exciting TV project set in Philadelphia.  An actor of striking intensity, Vincent Spano displays versatility as both a dramatic and comedic talent. With distinguished successes in film, television and theater, Spano’s work over the decades has afforded him the opportunity to play a wide range of roles in a diverse assortment of films shot all around the world. To Date, Spano has acted in more than forty theatrical and television films and has made memorable guest appearances in some of the best shows on television. Consistently and overwhelmingly winning time slots on Italian TV has provided Vincent with a loyal following in Italy and Europe. Vincent is finalizing a feature film he has written and plans to direct and produce our pilot. He is busy prepping the project and securing a terrific cast.