Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Passion of Marc

One of the compelling storylines in the “bible” of Center City is that of former prfiest Marc De Marco. Marc left the friary where lived in common with other priests and brothers, among whom is his mentor and sometime lover Father Jacob Scaletta. His relationship with the older cleric propelled him to leave religious life and re-examine his identity as a professional Christian and a gayman. His story examines much of the hypocrisy that exists within the Church regarding sexuality.

Marc De Marco was well liked and much admired for the brief time he taught at Ascension High School run by the Ascensionist Friars. That he was a faculty advisor for the athletic department made him even more sought after by students. However, his placement on that pedestal did not make his struggles any easier. The handsome young cleric was tortured by things present and past. His personal gods showed him no mercy. In fact there didn’t seem to be much difference between the gods and demons within him.

He comes off as strong and calming, but the demeanor belies his inner turmoil.
Jacob is not about to let him go, and there is always Tommy Avalon waiting in the wings.

It is our fond hope to involve scenes with landmark Philadelphia venue the Bike Stop, a place with a rich history. It would be great to tell the story of this triangle and these three men using Philly’s well known leather/sports bar.

Pictured: David Moretti as Marc and Brian Gaskill as Father Jacob for the staged reading of Center City at Celebration Theatre 29 April 2013 in west Hollywood. David Moretti was attached to this project as Marc and Brian Gaskill was a revelation as Father Jacob