Monday, May 7, 2012


(l-r Kiely Williams, Tristan Colton, Chase Coleman, Ilene Kristen, David A. Gregory, Matt Walton)

To hear the words and to have the characters come to life is a very satisfying experience. Last Sunday's workshop/reading was also very rewarding with the invaluable feedback that took place. Anna De Marco and her sons, Marc and Domenic interacted with Tommy, Mike, Valerie and Marlena in what is supposed to be the first episode of Center City. To have been in the presence of intelligent and talented people gave the project more life.The feedback was invaluable not only in the constructive critique that came forth but also in the positive reception of all the participants. Another similar experience in Los Angeles will no doubt bring more enlightenment.

Special Thanks:

Ilene Kristen
Matt Walton
Chase Coleman
Tristan Colton
David A Gregory
Kiely Williams
Natalie Hiatt
Steven Bergman

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