Tuesday, October 16, 2012

About Giovanni

Giovanni Vitacolonna was born in the heart of South Philly on Guy Fawkes Day in 1948, the Friday of the same week that Harry S Truman astounded political pundits by winning  the Presidential election. It's been a life full of pleasant surprises ever since. Giovanni entered adulthood as a Franciscan friar until his spirit drove him to San Francisco, actually it was a 1969 Volkswagen van. Eventually he found himself in Italy working as an English teacher and eventually in film and music promotion. The Winds of War, Paul Mazursky's Tempest, The Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan were among the productions he worked for at various tasks. He is the published author of A Sweet and Sour Romance (1982), and was a senior editor for Philadelphia's Au Courant. Among his accomplishments at the weekly was the creation of the satirical serial Between Two Rivers. Giovanni managed a band in Nashville, worked for Billboard there and transferred to New York where he worked for Adweek. Eventually he moved on to CDM Publishing, where he functioned as Circulation Supervisor and Community Outreach for POZ and Real Health magazines. Giovanni is also an accomplished cabaret singer performing in small clubs in Manhattan. He has developed the television series Center City, a project he is currently advancing for production and development.

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